Sean Mize

Your Own 10 Week Automated Consultant InfoProduct Funnel

10 of my newest Training Programs, complete with sales letters, download pages, and email campaigns, ready to put in YOUR autoresponder for 10 weeks of autopilot sales!

Dear Client,

Are you a coach or a consultant, and you are stuck offering 1-1 or classes because you don't have products to sell?

Are you "making it" as a coach or a consultant . . .but a 2nd stream of income would be cool?

How would it feel if you could automate 10 consultant/coach niche training programs, right in your email campaign . .


So that when a new subscriber comes on board,

Week 1, they receive 5 emails telling them about the first product

then Week 2, they receive 5 emails telling them about the 2nd product

Week 3, they receive 3-5 emails telling them about the 3rd product . . .

and so on, for 10 weeks?


You'd have income on autopilot . . .

And that would free you to build that big class you've been wanting to build,

Free you to hold Workshops and Coaching and Consulting Programs . .

while having an automated stream of income from 10 products,

automatically presented to your prospects week after week . . .


Introducing: 10 Week Automated InfoProduct Funnel

This is 10 of my most recent training programs . . produced in the last 6 months so read hot and totally relevant for today's market  . . .

You get the original salesletter,
5 emails you can edit or use as is
PLUS the actual download page

So that initially, you can just put the sales pages on your site,

put YOUR payment link on them

Get paid 100% (you get paid directly)

And send them to the download after they buy -

Totally automated

10 products,

10 Weeks

This provides income during the critical 1st 10 weeks in your Consulting Business

And on down the road, as you create training, you can add your training

to the automated funnel, or even replace some of mine over time.

Either way, you'll get paid on autopilot as folks purchase these trainings  . . .

In fact, if you wanted, you could build a profitable business just around these trainings . .

now, I don't recommend that, as I personally believe you should be growing and building your topic as well!

Here are the products:

Week 1: 5 Week Coaching Program Launch Course


This 5 module training course teaches how to launch a coaching program from beginning to end:

How to Map out the Coaching Program

What to put into the Coaching Program

How much to charge for the Coaching Program

Step by Step How to Launch the Coaching Program

How to Write the Coaching Program Sales Letter

and Much, Much more . . .

Original Price: $297

Week 2: Offer and Marketing Hook


This 5 module training course teaches how to create a powerful offer and your marketing hook

✔Crystal Clarity on EXACTLY What you teach

✔A step by step plan for DELIVERING what you teach

✔Determine the exact sub niche or nuance that makes YOU special

✔Exactly how many lessons, worksheets, templates, etc to put into your offer

✔How many weeks or months is your offer

✔How is your offer delivered

✔ Exactly What to Put Into Your Offer So That it's Perfect For Your Perfect Client

✔You'll have a print document with your offer spelled out so no longer do you have confusion about what's in your offer


✔Crystal Clarity on WHO you teach

✔A vivid avatar you can use to picture when you write copy etc

✔What EXACTLY is your perfect client looking for?

✔Exactly how to give your perfect client exactly what they are looking for

✔Discover how to laser target with pinpoint accuracy, where your perfect client hangs out online so you can attract him or her there

✔When this class is over, you'll know EXACTLY who you are prospecting to and you can start prospecting THIS WEEKEND


Price: $997

Week 3: Create Your Course or InfoProduct in 10 Days Flat, From Scratch


This 10 training course teaches how to create a course or infoproduct in 10 days:

--> How to Determine a High-Demand Problem in your niche that you can solve (every product must solve a problem)

--> Determine the Exact Solution to the problem, and KNOW that people will pay for the solution (AKA your product or course)

--> Determine exactly who your target market is (aka avatar) - the people who will PAY you for your course

--> How to Craft Your Own Personal Unique Message that you will use on your site and to name your course

--> How to map out the lessons in your course so that they are in the right order for your clients to get the best results

--> Exactly how to create the lessons in your course FAST

--> Exactly how to write the sales letter for your course (word for word what to write for YOUR course)

Price: $97

Week 4: Get Paying Clients From Linkedin


This 8 Module Course teaches how to get clients from linkedin:

Crafting your laser-targeted profile that attracts prospects

The exact words to use on your website to connect your profile and your website for trust building and credibility

The exact method I'm personally using to get 40% connection acceptance on connection requests

The exact outreach words to write in messages, inmails and even emails to get prospects to say "YES!" to coming to your site, booking a call with you, and even enrolling in your program.

The exact scripting to use for your enrollment call so that folks want to enroll in your program

How to Craft your offer so it perfectly resonates with the exact prospects you are getting from linkedin

And so much more!


This is going to be an end to end process for getting clients from Linkedin, in a very fast-paced environment that prioritizes results for you.

Week 5: Pandemic Profits Consulting Program

This 7 Module Course teaches how to get High Paying Clients During the Pandemic

Designing your consultant business so it stands the test of the next few years

How to choose a topic that's in hot demand RIGHT NOW

Getting your website positioned for results fast

Introduction to Prospecting

Creating your course or coaching delivery area

Getting clients

Enrolling clients

This is going to be an end to end process for getting clients as a coach or consulting, in a very fast-paced environment that prioritizes results for you.

Week 6: Behind the Scenes: The Structure and Scale of a $30k Monthly Business

This 6 Module Course teaches how to structure a business to scale to $30k a month or more

Hour 1: The Exact Premium Offer in My Business and How it's constructed

This will be a breakdown of my $9800 Highest Level Mentoring Program

What's included to make it worth $9800

The Exact Access Clients Get

An Inside Look at Where I Store My Lessons and How Client Get Access

The Exact Access to me a $9800 client gets

The Sales Page for a $9800 program

The onboarding for a $9800 program

Hour 2: The exact traffic sources we use, including deep dive into the accounts we use (including our Youtube Ad account, I'll show actual ads we run, the actual prices we pay, and look into our Linkedin Process + Our Cold Email Program for Leads

--> I'll open up my youtube account, both organic AND paid . .

--> I'll show you my actual ad videos in youtube PLUS the actual bid prices and how much I pay (hint: less than 5 cents per view)

--> I'll open up the inside workings of my Linkedin account like never before . .how we strategize article topics

--> Plus I'll show you the ad in my Linked Account that showed me a brand new, desperate market that was willing to invest nearly $50,000 with me in just 32 days during the Pandemic closures

--> I'll show you my personal traffic strategy for 2021

Hour 3: How we work with our highest level clients, the entire delivery system, how it's structured, what software we use, etc

--> This will be inside my delivery accounts

--> You'll see the actual programming in my email campaigns for my highest level clients

--> You'll see how we create the actual calls, the programming for the calls, the emails to deliver them . . the entire inner workings .

--> PLUS - you'll see inside the software I use to run it . . .

Hour 4: The Exact Email Campaign programs we run, how we write daily emails and set up the email funnels

--> I will show you deep inside my Email Writing and Idea Machine

--> You'll see my first hottest account selling account

Hour 5: The Exact process we use for converting new prospects into buyers and coaching clients, including the actual funnels we use

Hour 6: TBD . . . We'll go deep on another component of the business, but don't want to reveal it yet -

When you emerge from this amazing 6 hour immersion into my business, you will know - inside and out - the inner workings of a $30k business.

Price: $397

Week 7: Automated Webinar Training Program


This 6 Module Course Shows Your Client How to Create a Webinar From Scratch and Automate it for Coaching or InfoProduct Sales

In 6 one - hour speed-mentoring sessions, you will discover:

Hour 1: Design Your Automated Webinar Campaign Funnel

I'll lay out every step in the process, so it's plain and simple . . then in the next 5 sessions we'll just fill-in-the-blanks to build your entire automated webinar campaign funnel

Hour 2: We'll script your 18 minute introductory video that pre-primes every prospect that comes to your site, so that they are red-hot ready to WANT to work with you

Hour 3: I'll teach you my secret 3-step process for taking these red-hot warmed up leads to an enrollment webinar in a way that they are WANTING to work with you before they even watch the first minute of the webinar

Hour 4: Together we'll script your enrollment webinar, slide by slide (you'll receive a proprietary copy of my hot-off-the-press new webinar script that's enrolling like crazy!)

Hour 5: We'll write your sales letter for your coaching (and yes, we'll do it in one hour because it's pre-formatted for you, I will guide you to fill it in with your details)

Hour 6: We put it all together so that it's one solid enrollment machine, working for you 24-7, gaining you clients during the day and during the night

When you complete your 6 hours in my first and possibly ever speed-mentoring next week, you will have:

A Complete Automated Webinar Campaign Selling and Enrolling Clients in Your Coaching Program

Price: $297

Week 8: Workshop Training: Step by Step How to Build a Membership in WordPress with 100% Free Software


This 5 Module Course was originally held as a live workshop, and in about 5 hours, I taught step by step how to build a WordPress membership from 100% scratch with free plugins . . .even the membership plugin is free!

We'll design a members area from scratch using wordpress and very basic (free or nearly free) plugins, with expansion architecture so you can scale and/or upgrade to more complex plugins as your business demands it.

Build a Basic Members Area in WordPress

Blueprint for Membership --> High Ticket Sale:

Deep WordPress Build: Post Categories, Templates, and Post Widgets

How to Create Modules With Posts and Post Widgets, Plus Adding an Image to Your Membership: How to Create Advanced Menus to Display Membership Content and Navigation:

Advanced Menu Bar Widget for Membership Menu

WordPress Membership Build and Discussion About Menus

Price: $39

Week 9: Youtube for Consultants Training Program


This 5 Module Course Shows Your Client How to Create Youtube Ads

Youtube For Consultants:

Introduction to Youtube for Consultants

Youtube Basic Video Outline

Youtube Deep Structure and Psychology

Homework to Start Outlining Flow

Set Up Youtube Ad

Find Youtube Ads and Videos to Advertise On

Price: $297

Week 10: Sales Letter Formula


This 3 Module Course Shows Your Client How to Write a Full-Length Sales Letter From Scratch and Format it in Beaver Builder

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 1 - Writing the Outline and Parts, Hero's Journey, Etc

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 2 - Discussion About Software

Sales Letter in 90 Minutes Part 3 - Formatting the Sales Letter - Basic in Beaver Builder


This is a short but powerful program . . . you will be able to write your own sales letter in about 3 sittings!

Price: $297

How would it feel to have 10 offers you can put into your email campaign, week after week, selling on autopilot? And YOU get paid 100% (You get to paid to YOUR merchant account, with your payment button)

That's right, with this powerful set of 10 sales pages and 10 products . . . you can finally automate the first 10 weeks of your consulting or coaching email campaign . . .so that you have money coming in and have the freedom to build your own high ticket program, while your leads are monetizing themselves

In addition to the 10 Sales Pages and the 10 Download Pages, which you'll be able to put 100% on YOUR site . . .

✔You'll get 5 emails for EACH product . . .

✔For a total of 50 emails all together, that sell these products

✔Of course, you can use my formula to write as many more emails as you want . .


With a 1- Product Email Campaign, with these products selling for $39 - $97 - $297, you simply provide the leads, and you'll have payments coming in on autopilot fast . . .

When you have an automated funnel like this, it makes your lead gen pay for itself . . self liquidating . . . so you can get as many leads as you want, they are buying on autopilot, and you can sell your coaching on the backend:


  • Your Offer Fully Written out, you can start telling people what you do and who you help, this weekend
  • Your exact target prospect and you'll know EXACTLY where to find those prospects online
  • You'll have the EXACT words for your sales page so that you can start marketing THIS WEEKEND

What's a campaign like this worth to you?

Here's the thing, each of these products comes with a persuasive sales letter . . .

If I were to simply charge for writing the sales letters a very modest $500 each . . .that would be $5000.

The products themselves have generated thousands and thousands of dollars for me, and I only sold each for one initial iteration, these aren't even automated in my own campaigns!

Plus . . the emails are worth $50 each or more, conservatively . . so with 50 emails, that's $7500 in raw value.

Now, the real value is what you can bring in in sales . . that's the one thing I can't predict . . .

But if you were to sell each product in this package just 10 times . . .that's about $30,000 on autopilot

Personally, I believe this package is worth $7500 or more to a select few people who are very very serious about their consulting business, and adding a passive component.

However, you are my client . . .

I want you to be able to have your own campaign, running on autopilot . . without having to go through all the work I have to write these 10 sales letters, create the 10 sets of trainings (most are between 5 and 10 hours of video training each, for a total of over 50 hours of video training), PLUS write the 5 emails per product PLUS the download pages that are ready to go . .

Frankly, I want to make it easy for you . . .and a no brainer


This package has a real-world value of $7500

However, I've decided to offer a very special pre-release price for charter/beta clients who say "I want in"

So I want to make this a no-brainer for you to put this 10-product funnel in YOUR email campaign and start bringing you daily payments . .

so I'm slashing over 90% off the price as a special pre-release price:

So that you will invest just $319


Or make 4 payments of $79:

You Get ALL of these Training Programs:


Including 10 Sales Pages and the 10 Download Pages, which you'll be able to put 100% on YOUR site . . .


✔You'll get 5 emails for EACH product . . .

✔For a total of 50 emails all together, that sell these products

✔Of course, you can use my formula to write as many more emails as you want . .


Now because I'm convinced that this will totally change things for you, by getting your campaigns on autopilot and getting consistent revenue coming in - WHILE YOU SLEEP or Vacation . .

I've set aside EXCLUSIVE GIFTS for you if you take me up on the Consultant Funnel Today

The gifts are worth at least $2250 to you

But you're getting them at no cost . . that's right, you are getting them for FREE

Free Gift #1: My Very Own 1-1 Consulting Sales Letter

This powerful sales letter has sold my own 1-1 consulting with NO PHONE call, straight from print . . .

This is a very powerful sales letter that works like a charm to get 1-1 clients to enroll with you for a fixed term or for monthly coaching . . .

I've personally used this to generate clients . . .

And you'll be able to use my words - and of course adapt them to your coaching or consulting . . to sell your coaching without a phone call

Value: $1297

Free Gift #2: The Secret Linkedin Prospecting Videos

These are literal "watch over my shoulder" bootleg linkedin prospecting videos . .

Note: These are NOT for resale, for your use only. I probably shouldn't release these . . but perhaps until I get a complaint . . . I'll allow folks to watch these videos . . this is deep, behind the scenes prospecting in linkedin!

Value: $297

Free Gift #3: The $5k - $10k Selling System

This is a powerful 2 part training where I show how to build $5k - $10k in value FAST so you can sell for more.

Now, I would have actually included these in the funnels above but there's no "sales page".

Instead, there's a squeeze page - you can use these videos as a POWERFUL lead magnet to get folks to join your list . . .

This is practically priceless, because you need a strong lead magnet to get folks on your list

Value: $597

So not only are you getting 10 products and product sales pages you can automate in your email campaign. .

You are getting 3 hot bonuses as well, my favorite being the 1-1 consulting sales letter . . . this is a very powerful letter . .

Plus the linkedin prospecting

AND the $5k - $10k Power Lead Magnet

That are priceless . .

It's a total value of $7500 or more . . .

You are getting the entire funnel - everything

for just one payment of $997 $319:

Or make 4 payments of $79:

Imagine how it will feel to have a line of 10 products, selling on autopilot . . and downloaded right on your site

When you put these sales letters and emails in YOUR email campaign you'll have 10 products and offers making money for you 24/7, giving you the freedom to build the rest of your business, and making an income as well

You Get ALL of these Training Programs:


PLUS these 3 Free Gifts:


Or make 4 payments of $79:

Earnings Disclaimer: Results may vary and are not claimed to indicate average results. As with any business development, there is risk and variance in applying any techniques, the techniques we teach are instructional only and are do not guarantee or imply any specific result. Any testimonials are their own unique experience and are not typical. Each individual will get different results based on their implementation, their exact niche, what they sell or teach, or many other factors. Where we make a product recommendation, it should be assumed that we are compensated for making that product recommendation. By virtue of using this site or interacting with any of the training you agree that you take responsibility for any investments you make and any outcome that might result.