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Consultants and Coaches: Get Your First $300 - $3000 Client in the next 21 days or less . . .

Start a new coaching or consulting business in 2021 in a Pandemic-Need Market and get your first $300 - $3000 client in the next 21 days or less, 100% guaranteed!

If you need a fresh start in your coaching or consulting business, but it just feels like there's so many steps . . .

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Dear Consultant,

Let's face it:

The Market has changed considerably for coaches and consultants.

With offline consultants unable to work,

speakers out of work, and other consultant professions out of work

Many are being forced to pivot . .

And the markets that serve folks who are at home are booming . . .

If you're like many consultants right now, you may be:

  • Struggling to figure out how to pivot
  • What do you do to get started fast?
  • What kind of site do you need in today's market?
  • How do you launch a web presence fast?

All of that is a smoke screen for the elephant in the room:

I've shared this repeatedly over the last few months:

Many of the strategies that worked before the Shutdowns don't work anymore.


What worked before Covid is mostly not working anymore.

Sales methods have changed, platforms have changed, and different people are buying than were buying before Covid.

And if you don't pivot and adjust and "go where the puck is going" as they say in hockey . . you are going to be left behind.

And that's the key reason I have personally pivoted to Linkedin to do nearly all my new lead generation since Covid, and barely using it before . . and sales using linkedin have skyrocketed by all estimations . . .

We've seen Consultants take off and rocket to higher levels using Linkedin, like maybe never before  . .

Want to know what's working RIGHT NOW to get $300 - $3000 clients?


It's NOT endless funnels

endless ads

endless emails and blog posts and on and on and on . . .

In fact, it's counter-intuitive:


Forget the funnels and endless do to lists and steps and formulas

Focus on FAST!

As you've probably seen me talking over the last year or two . . .

I am a big believer in fast action

All of those things are pretty

and you build them long term



So why not skip all the "steps"

And just be laser-focused on the TARGET:

Your first $3000 Client


That's Right: One Single Laser Focus: Get Your First $3000 Client

Here's the thing, there's one thing I think that's been missing for you in the past, with other people's training and my training that you've bought and you have failed with:

There's just so much theory.

So many steps.

So much set up.

But when I think about my OWN journey to get started in this business . .

I simply started with an offer and then a sale.

I think about 90% of the revenue I've made in the last 14 years online . .

It's almost always the result of getting a client, making a sale, getting an enrollment.

And the THEORY and the countless steps and funnels and all of that . .

it's a very small part

So why spend hundreds of hours on all the little steps . .

and take a YEAR to finally get a client?

What if you just reversed the whole thing

and focused on getting clients FIRST

and structure later

Like, laser targeted focus on getting

YOUR FIRST $3000 Client

Then your second $3000 Client

Then your Third $3000 Client

How would it feel if you could start a brand new consulting or coaching business from scratch, or create a new branch in your existing business, and have your first $3000 client in just 21 days

Key: A Laser Focus on Doing the EXACT actions to get your first $3000 client fast

So often training revolves around a 100 step plan.

And after 100 days or even a year - you have something that LOOKS like a business . . .

You have a website

and blog posts

and articles

and followers

and subscribers

and on and on and on . . .



a website

and blog posts

and articles

and followers

and subscribers

and on and on and on . . .



If you're ready to totally rock 2021 and finally get your first $3000 client fast, I suggest you enroll in a very special, fast-paced

21 Day Pandemic Pivot $3000 Client Kickoff

I'm personally guiding a handful of consultants and coaches to their first $3000 sale during 21 Fast Paced Days:

How to Find a Pandemic-Friendly Consulting or Coaching Topic That's in Hot Demand

You'll outline your consulting concept quickly, and you can teach it either 1-1 or in small groups

You will create your 4 page Consultant or Coaching website so that you can attract prospects and sell your coaching or consulting.

You'll start enrolling clients in your program or 1-1 from scratch

You will develop a delivery area for your consulting and coaching trainings that's easy to use

You'll be 100% up and running and live within the 21 days (and even faster if you are a go-getter)

You'll get your first $3000 client in 21 days or ask for your money back, no questions asked

In this powerful live 21 Day Mentoring, I am going to show you exact framework I'M PERSONALLY USING to attract prospects, build rapport, and then invite them into my coaching.

And the total laser focus of these 21 days is not theory,
it's not a bunch of steps

It's laser-targeted focus on GOING AFTER



Here's how it's going to work:

Each Day for 21 Days You are Going to Get a Laser-Targeted Lesson That has ONE PURPOSE: to get you your first $3000 Client

Designing your consultant business so it stands the test of the next few years

How to choose a topic that's in hot demand RIGHT NOW

Getting your website positioned for results fast

Introduction to Prospecting

Creating your course or coaching delivery area

Getting clients

Enrolling clients

This is going to be an end to end process for getting clients as a coach or consulting, in a very fast-paced environment that prioritizes results for you.


Why 21 days instead of 13 weeks or a year?

You may know I have a year-long intense Mentorship that's $9800

In that Mentorship, we meet between 2x - 4x a week, and it's totally hands on and intense, with a web designer, deep training, and comraderie with the clients.

But . . that's a year long program.

Tons of commitment from my clients.

This 21 day Kickoff is going to be all about getting your FIRST $3000 client . . .

Not building out all the tiny details in your business, that take up time

We are going to go right to the ROOT of your challenge:

Getting Clients Fast

And to do that you are going to laser-target a single $3000 client.

And once you know the skills to get a single $3000 client

You can rinse and repeat

Get clients faster

or raise your price

But the KEY is you have to be able to get CLIENTS

All the other details don't matter if you can't get clients . . .


Now, my 12 month High Ticket Mentorship sells is $9800

I believe that's not only a fair price, but actually a bargain for what these new clients are going to get when they enroll with me.


However, at that price tag, and the advanced deep nature of the training, it's not right for everyone.

If you are still reading this page . . you probably need something you can start from scratch with a new pivot and make traction fast . . .

But you aren't ready for the advanced and complicated scripting and advanced enrollment techniques.


And what you may not know is that because the Pandemic changed this business so much that I've pretty much retired my Pre-Pandemic training . . .

And almost of all my new training these last 12 months has been designed in and for my High Ticket Mentoring Clients, and delivered at a high price and a deep level.

So what that means is that I have a gap in my own market . . .

I don't have an introductory "Foundations" Course for a new Consultant or Coach

So I've decided to build just that . . . a Foundations Course for a new Consultant or Coach . .

From Scratch

In fact, you'll just by watching me work, how YOU can start a new "Foundations" program in your business . .

Like I said, my 12 month High Ticket Mentorship sells is $9800

But I want/need a Foundations Program in my business at the popular price of $2000.

And over the next 21 days, I'll be creating just that:

A Foundations Program that has as it's single and most important of my clients getting their FIRST $3000 client in 21 days or less

And YOU, if you choose to accept the challenge, will have a Front-Row seat

As YOU get YOUR FIRST $3000 client  . . .

So if you are open to a really fast-paced training program where you'll do 21 fast-paced lessons in 21 days and you will kick off your Pandemic Pivot Consulting or Coaching Business With Your First $3000 Client . . .

And of course, you'll be my live audience, you'll be able to ask questions, use the templates, get guidance from me, and in short, help me make sure I include everything that should be included in a future Home Study Course for beginning Consultants and Coaches

I'd like to invite you to the 21 Day Pandemic Pivot Coaching and Consulting $3000 Client Intensive With Sean Mize

Sean Mize

You'll get every lesson, every deep dive step of the way, taught by me personally, but instead of being a home study course like webinar attendees might purchase for $2000 once it's recorded

And you'll get front-row, live access for about 85% off what new Webinar Buyers might invest when they come through my live Webinar Funnel once this is recorded

If you choose to take the challenge, you'll invest just $300 for the entire 21 Day Get Your First $3000 Client Fast Consultant Foundations Intense Mentoring and Guidance and start getting clients right away!

Are you ready to take massive action fast, implement fast, and start getting massive results in your Linkedin Marketing and start getting clients as soon as the 5th day in?


If so, this is hands down and incredible opportunity . . .

You'll be working with me personally for 21 days, you'll get the same training as if it's in the home study course . . .

but in my opinion -

I personally like it live

In my own business, one of my own secrets to success is that I like to teach live, there's just so much more excitement than recording in the studio

I like having an audience!


But the real key is that very very quickly, you'll implement as I go, day by day


How will it feel to have a very streamlined, clear plan, exactly what to do and how to do it to launch your Pandemic Pivot Consulting Business and do it right right out of the gate?


How will it feel to get your first $3000 client in the next 21 days?


What will it mean for you to finally have a predictable path to step by step get new clients in your coaching program fast?


If that would change things for you . . ..

I advise you to commit to massive action . .

join with me, enroll today, and let's get your Coaching or Consulting Business up and running fast and producing income fast!

21 Days Pedal-to-the-Metal $3000 Client Fast Accelerator and Mentoring  $2000 $300

Sean Mize

Friend, I want to make it SO EASY for you to have your own Consultant Training Business in 2021  . . . and when you see behind the scenes on Tuesday, your eyes will be opened and you'll believe you can do it!

When you can begin teaching YOUR technique and getting paid for it . . things change fast for you!

And transform your life forever!

I encourage you to scroll up and get started!

Sean Mize

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