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Coaches and Consultants:

Fill your strategy session and discovery call schedule with high ticket clients without spamming . . .


You are a strong coach or consultant, but you can’t fill your appointment calendar . . . and without appointments, you aren’t enrolling enough clients.

No matter what you do, you just don’t have enough client discovery calls to get the high ticket clients you deserve.

It’s not just you . . . it’s gotten harder to get prospects on calls the way you used to


Because more and more coaches offering “free consults” so that your call is no longer special, no matter how good you are, it just melts into the “noise” your prospects are hearing in your space.

And if you are direct messaging or doing any kind of cold outreach, you have seen that more and more coaches are just asking to “jump on a call” on the very first touch . . .in hopes that if they get more freebie unqualified calls, they might catch an occasional whale.

That’s like thinking if you throw more chum in the water, you will catch a whale on your 10 lb test line . . .

The problem is, even if you DO catch a whale . . . the line will break.

The real whales in your niche see right through your “jump on a quick call” strategy

(proof: you see right through it, right”? Well, if you do . . your “whale” clients see through it too.)


Here’s the thing,
screaming louder isn’t the solution.

Everyone is screaming, so I’ll just scream louder . .

It works for a time . . . until everyone is screaming.

And everyone is screaming now . . .

and my guess is, not only is screaming louder not working for you . . . .

You don’t want to scream louder, you don’t want to book more “jump on a call” calls just to fill your calendar with unqualified leads just so you can possibly talk to the big one . . .

It doesn’t have to be that way . . There is a better way!

If throwing more chum in the water doesn’t work


Screaming louder doesn’t work and isn’t your thing . .

What’s there to do?

more ads

Imagine this:

Instead of screaming louder and running more ads, and sending spammy messages and begging, pleading, and hoping that clients will respond . . .

Imagine you had a “client desire” pull campaign in your business . . . .

  • When someone comes to your website, they know right away you are different . . . better . . .
  • They breathe a sigh of relief when they come to your website, “ah!”, they say . . .
  • He’s not screaming . . . She’s not begging me to get on a call

Instead, you are speaking their language . . . you already know their inner need when they reach your site . . .

You are obviously the expert, you use just the right words on your site, on your profile, in your messaging that instead of having to scream or spam, your ideal prospect is hearing exactly what they need to just “know”

They get this feeling of “this really feels good, this feels right . . . “


And they get this irresistible urge to WANT to talk with you . . . .

They begin to DESIRE to work with you, talk with you, enroll with you . . .


And instead of YOU begging or pushing them . . .

They are actively looking for a way to work with you. . . .

You receive emails like this:

“I was on your site earlier today . . . and it looks like you teach exactly what I need . . . how can we talk about working together?”

And when you hold your discovery calls, clients say things like this:

“You didn’t even have to do the whole spiel, I already had decided I was going to buy before we got on the phone,”

“Your system is exactly what I’m looking for, how do we get started,?’

“and “When I watched your training, it was like you were right in my head . . . it’s like you were speaking to me, and only me”

Imagine what happens when your language is so compelling that clients just begin to feel that you are right for them, that they have finally found the one person on earth that speaks their language

lady coach1

And it begins to feel like YOU are that person . . .

And right there, at that moment . . .

When they feel this irresistible urge to want to talk with you and maybe work with you . . .

You present them the perfect desire - based offer to get on your schedule . . .

Instead of your prospect feeling pulling away because your offer to “jump on a call” is so pushy that they feel compelled to pull away . . .

Your prospect is actively embracing, they are actually DESIRING to book a call with you . . . before you even ask . . .

If that’s what you are looking for,

I want to invite you to a very powerful training webinar:

Discover the Powerful Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Clients to Desire to Work With You, Without Spammy Ads or Pushy Marketing

It’s a powerful training that introduces you to the 4 keys that can change everything! Because when you discover this 4 step process to draw clients to you like moths to a flame . . . EVERYTHING turns around.

And when you watch this powerful training you will discover:

Why asking to “jump on a call" too early virtually guarantees your best prospects are repelled. And the one thing you must do instead that's the fastest path to all the ideal clients you want!

The most powerful way to attract your ideal prospects to WANT to book a call with you . . . without you begging or spamming them!

How my easy 1-2-3 process can turn your prospect funnel around in days, not months or years.

The ONLY 3 things you will EVER need to send your bookings for strategy sessions and discovery calls through the roof. (Once you get this, it will transform the success of all your consulting forever!)

And most crucial of all: Why “teaching your heart out” on your website to get folks on a call is the fastest way to burnout.

Attract Your Dream Clients

(Surprise!) And what you must talk about instead that can catapult your strategy sessions and discovery calls (and profits!) fast!

Sure, you can go on for weeks, months (or even years) trying to get this on your own. But why struggle when I can spoon feed you the secrets which spurred the success of my own six-figure business. That can make the same difference in yours as well!

So pop on over now to watch this powerful free training!

Look, I know it’s hard to believe after so many months or even years of struggle, your solution could be minutes away.

But I've seen these powerful keys work wonders in my business. And in the lives of my clients. And I know ... they can do the exact same thing for you. Talk to you then!

Here’s what happens when you have clients irresistibly drawn to you and WANTING to get on your calendar and hire you:

Your life changes, it feels great, you enroll as many clients as you want, if you want to stay solo, you can enroll a couple clients a week, if you want to hire sales and fulfillment, this can blow up and you can enroll dozens of clients each month  . .

Once you master the secret of getting folks to DESIRE to book with you . . .

Instead of YOU having to beg them, spam them to “book a call”

It becomes so much easier to enroll clients, and frankly client enrollment calls become so easy and fun again, instead of begging clients to enroll, they are begging YOU for the chance to work with you . . .

Go ahead and watch the training, I promise you it’s worth your time:


perhaps you’ve been frustrated by how many folks are approaching YOU in linkedin and everywhere, offering to “book a call” or “jump on a call” or “quick free consult”

Here’s the thing, your prospects are being bombarded as well

And while you might have felt like the only way to win at the battle for the strategy sessions and discovery calls was to do more, bigger, better . . and that felt sleazy . .

There is a better way . . .

and in this training I will reveal the better way


Here’s the key shift that must happen:

is that instead of begging and pleading people to “come to a free call”


is to CREATE THEIR internal DESIRE to WANT a call with you . . .

so that even if you weren’t “offering” a call . . they would want it . .

Where your words and your message are so captivating that as your ideal clients are reading your copy or watching your video, they are being compelled to WANT to learn more. . . .

and then finally framing your “strategy session” or “discovery call” as a very special time where you give them something they really really want . . .

instead of positioning as a “free consult” or “free strategy session”

it’s positioned as a powerful time where they are going to get a very specific result that they already desire  . . . so much so that they would be willing to PAY for the time with you . .

so that instead of feeling like they are being persuading to “book a call” instead they are relieved and EXCITED to get on a call with you . . ..

How does this feel?

How would it feel if your ideal high ticket clients were to DESIRE to get on a call with you and instead of feeling hesitant and wary of a “free call,” they are looking forward to and desiring the time with you?

If that would feel good . . . .

Watch the training:

Sean Mize

Hey Sean Mize Here ...

Consultant, I want to make it SO EASY for you to have your own Client  Getting System  . . . and that's why I've designed this complete end to end system to make it just that easy!

With my complete system - you can start getting clients within days

And transform your life forever!

I encourage you to scroll up and get started!

Sean Mize



Anthony McAvaney

I first came across Sean Mize and his coaching for coaches programs about 18 months ago. This was at a stage in my business and my life when I urgently needed to get my coaching business up and running online but I was completely stuck and couldn't see a way forward. I was experiencing utter overwhelm and confusion. I'd looked at so many business models and spent literally thousands of dollars looking for the right answers about the way to go and all that resulted from this was more confusion and overwhelm.

And then, like a ray of sunshine bursting through dark clouds I happened to come across some coaching material that Sean Mize had put together. Read More



Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product, working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them.  I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean.

Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups. Read More


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