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Client Praise

Hi Sean,

It would be my absolute pleasure to write a little about how you have helped me"

I first came across Sean Mize and his coaching for coaches programs about 18 months ago. This was at a stage in my business and my life when I urgently needed to get my coaching business up and running online but I was completely stuck and couldn't see a way forward. I was experiencing utter overwhelm and confusion. I'd looked at so many business models and spent literally thousands of dollars looking for the right answers about the way to go and all that resulted from this was more confusion and overwhelm.

And then, like a ray of sunshine bursting through dark clouds I happened to come across some coaching material that Sean Mize had put together.

I can vividly recall my excitement as I worked through Sean's videos and other content and quickly came to realise that the business strategies he was teaching were absolutely doable.

For the first time, thanks to Sean I had a clearly defined path to follow that made absolute sense and best of all was its simplicity. When you work with Sean I'm sure you will find like I did that he has this amazing ability to cut through the noise and focus you on taking the action needed to get results in your coaching business.

Sean's teaching, live coaching and ongoing mentorship has been a life changer for me and I'll be forever grateful that I found Sean Mize.

He has my highest recommendation.

- Anthony McAvaney


Everything about Sean Mize is summed up in his signature. As a coach to all coaches, he is a living example of that signature and as his student you get to hear his message in stereo on every call.

Sean has a huge appetite for work and honestly shares everything he has personally learned in the trenches.

As a coach, Sean reads the market place very accurately and intuitively knows when and how to pivot.

As his student, you get simple applicable systems to use with no fluff.

I honestly highly recommend Sean to you to have your life challenged and changed as he has done for me.

- Lloyd Portman

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Before working steadily with Sean, I went from training to training, program-to-program, and product to product, working through portions of many, but never quite finishing any of them.  I was buying products on JV Zoo and Warrior Plus on a weekly basis, including products from Sean. Once I went through a couple of his programs, I started to see the beauty in his simple approach and started cutting out many of the other voices to which I had been listening. Last year, I joined one of his mastermind groups.

Since then, Sean has  continually pushed and inspired me to keep removing the distractions – the plethora of “bright-shiny objects“ in the online marketing world – and simplify, simplify, simplify. He keeps the model simple and straightforward. For me, his approach and support have been exactly what I’ve needed, like the use of blinders on a horse. He pushes his clients when he sees he needs to, pulls us when we need him to, whispers, shouts (metaphorically!), and grabs our attention off of the distractions. He has kept me moving forward in a straight line toward my goal of launching and growing a coaching arm of my music-lessons business. I launched that arm of my business last month and have enrolled three paying clients.

- Natalie

Sean Mize has been an absolute blessing to my online business. With his help, I was able to focus in and discover what people were asking for my help with. In just six short months, I was able to launch my podcast training program.
With Sean’s help, I went from just over 300 followers to almost 1,100 followers. For the first time in several attempts, I am making a profit through my online coaching programs. My schedule is booked out almost 3 weeks in advance just for interviews!
You will benefit greatly by teaming up with Sean Mize. His years of experience in the online world will save you time and frustration from the dreaded “trial and error” method (that I tried to start with for several years).
With his help, you will find yourself farther along (and a lot faster) than you could
ever imagine.
- Robert Thibodeau

"I have been a client of Sean Mize for about 4 years. In that time, I went from "trying" to "doing". Sean taught me how to create, develop & deliver a successful coaching program with no hype but with lots of going way beyond what his programs promised.
Sean Mize is the reason why I have succeeded."
- Jack Caggz

Thank  you for this. I watched it yesterday and some parts more than once. I have really good notes to follow. I'm having to go back over them today to
help get a mind set that adheres to everything you said. If I don't do that, my mind goes right back to my old ways of doing things--which never made a dime.
I know I am slower than the rest, but I'm posting my progress... For the first time, SERIOUSLY, I believe I can charge $1200 for my coaching program. I have added
what I believe is a fair way to charge at the bottom of the post where my Matrix is taking shape.  I have already created products in the past that go with each category,
so I am adapting them. I have ONE really good former post that will make a GREAT SALES PAGE.
I am so grateful... I HAVE NEVER TRULY BELIEVED that I can do this UNTIL NOW.
- ShariLee   
PS: I will not let go this time.

Prior to following Sean's coaching and trainings, I was a bit lost, and unable to solve some contractions I had.

For instance : I did not know how to rest aligned with my moral principles, and sell. It was like selling was something devilish.

It was not that conscious, but there were some forces in myself that were pulling me from taking action.

Sean really helped make me to find more determination and energy.

He also simplified my vision of what needed to be done. (and rather have something imperfect in place than nothing at all.)

I followed many mentors, but of them all, Sean is the one I am the most grateful to, for how much he changed my life.

Of them all, He is the one I currently spend 75% of my learning time.

I bought many of his trainings and coaching, and always was astonished how much value he was able to transfer.

His knowledge is broad, yet unique. He is a giving person, and never tries to keep anything for himself.

He is genuinely concerned by his student's success.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet his guidance, and develop my offer under it, while making sense with the purpose of my life at the same time.

He is a concentrate of example, wisdom, knowledge, good advice, listening deep... a SuperHelper would I say.

Now my life is on tracks, I know exactly what I have to do, and my productivity has doubled, while I feel so free at the same time.

I could go on and on, but here is the final word : Sean Mize? Recommended!!!

  • Jean-David Roth

If you are wanting to take your business to the next step or you have been 'busy' but not getting clients then working with Sean Mize is a game-changer. Sean is not only a wealth of knowledge he genuinely wants to see his students succeed. In today's world of wanna be's Sean programs really stand out and you can see he is a Coaches dream trainer (both in understanding how coaches need to showcase themselves and how to bring your coaches to your audience).

Working with him is always brilliant, and this new model allows you to work in bite-size chunks, get it right and then move forward with Sean again. Any coaches out there wondering if this will change their life and their business the answer is YES! Sean Mize will change how you connect with your audience and how you make an impact in the world.

I know working with Sean will change your business. Simple. So thanks, Sean.
Taking Action every day.
- Tina Fletcher

Sean Mize is truly a coach's coach! Offline, I'm a certified financial coach and trainer who has been able to apply his coaching approach to my business. Being a member of Sean's Mastermind and coaching training program has equipped me to completely transition to a virtual online format. I believe this has been one of the best things that have helped transform the way I work with my clients!

Looking forward to your new program you're releasing.

Stay encouraged Coach! You are a blessing to my life!

- Devin Stubblefield


Over the past 7 years, you were influential in shaping my coaching thoughts and thinking around the changing needs of coaches and coachees.

What impacts me most is (1) watching your often 'off the cuff' approach on video and on occasion listening to your teleseminars doing your life's work with such vigour and (2) your belief that anyone can coach.

I view your contribution as coaching's version of "Think with Google" - constantly in tune with the changing consumer behaviour.

Your practical insights especially during the pandemic is a case in point. In just one video titled Discussion of The Impact of Quarantine on Life and Business, my thinking shifted virtually 360 degrees. Your authenticity, and brutally honest and 'relevant to the times' approach to coaching was another that impacted me deeply.

In summary, what you offer is impactful. How, what you offer, is life changing and contributed to my growth in more ways than one.

PS: You have carte blanche to edit, shorten & share, or omit completely. Either way, I am perfectly comfortable and will completely understand.

Kind regards

- Amien

Hey Sean!

I just waned you to know that you are a beacon of light that once it has shined on you.. it will change your life. I can tell that you out alot of thought and energy into all of the products that you introduced to the public. I am honored that I am able to experience you on this level... soon GOd is going to take you above the stratosphere!

Your awesome! I believe in you. Keep going as you are an inspiration to many. Continue to let God work in and through you ... he is using you to fan the flame in everyone that you encounter.

Thank you.
- Jirard

The Laser Coaching with Sean filled in all the blanks for me!  You see, I have had all the pieces to putting my business together, but there were small pieces missing that have caused me to stall out.  After meeting with Sean, for just 1 meeting, my forward progress is clear!  We identified the problems, set a path to correct them, set the plan to reach for next week and now I REALLY know what to do!  I feel like a huge burden left me!
This short 1-1 time is invaluable as Sean was able to pinpoint the "sticking points" and make them clear and set a plan to move forward very quickly!  It's amazing what just a few minutes of 1-1 can do.  Confusion gone!  Detailed "to do" plan.  Look out world!  🙂  So happy!
Blessings and good health to you,
- Pam Maldonado

Hi Sean,
Your honesty jumped out Sean. And daring to show us your vulnerabilities is deeply honest.
Yes I think you have been using helping clients, at the drop of a hat, as a crutch because of the size of the task in front of you.
Well, I think you probably figured that out anyway.
If you are going to help your clients and others on your list, like me, we will all be served better if you get this new coaching project moving forward
Chunk it down... as they say
One step at a time, one day at a time. You will have achieved something you haven't before. Maybe it's because you haven't left your comfort zone for a while?
Yes, I know your comfort zone is massively expandable compared to most of us, but even the most pliable of comfort zones can be stretched to new limits.
You are on the edge of limits for you, but your comfort zone will give and you can push further. Use your past achievements to spur you on...imagine the exhilaration you will feel when you finally put this project altogether.
But, stay focused on the next mini goal immediately ahead..then the next...then the next. It's like keeping your head down and pumping your legs as you scale a steep climb. It burns...but suddenly the ground  flattens out, and you've peeked.
One achievement runs into another as a snowball becomes an avalanche...then you are unstoppable..and that's why you will build this deep and rich coaching regime that I'm certain will become the new benchmark for excellence in coaching.
I'm sure all who follow you are behind you, because we shall all benefit....and as a direct consequence so shall you my friend.
All the best
- Les

I had the opportunity to take advantage of Sean Mize’s Laser coaching session recently and I was absolutely amazed at what we could accomplish in a very short period of time. I’ve had a number of things that have been challenging me to the point that I just haven’t been able to take action on them fast enough and Sean broke it down to five very simple actionable steps that took all the complication right out of it. Not only that, I can now see where I can have a one to one coaching, a group coaching program and a core body of training in a very short period of time and I am really excited about all the possibilities. If you’re looking to move your business quickly to the next level and you have a couple points that you’re stuck on I highly recommend you take advantage of Sean Mize’s Laser coaching

- John Paduchak

“I’ve followed Sean’s training for years now. I absolutely love the way he teaches and inspires in his trainings.

I recently enrolled in Sean’s 1 on 1 coaching. The way he delivered the coaching was phenomenal. At the end of the call I was flooded with ideas, inspiration, and a clear path to achieve my goals. I already love his trainings but his 1 on 1 coaching takes things to a whole new level. Thanks for everything Sean!”


"Sean has taken me from knowing I should promote my message to being ready to launch. I've learned so many strategic practical things about the webinar business model that I can't count them all. More than just information, it has been an uplifting experience."

- Paul Silva
Founder and Mentor

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